Petey the partridge a regular at fish and game club

5:29 PM, Apr 9, 2010   |    comments
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SCARBOROUGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Scarborough Fish and Game Club is unlike any shooting club in the world. And that's because of Petey the Partridge.

Petey is a roughed grouse who hangs out on the sporting clays course to lunch while the shooters are having their fun.

About two years ago, a partridge started showing up around station number eight. As the shooters blasted away, the bird would come out looking for something to eat.

The shooters know Petey is safe from their lead, but they worry that someone will run over him with their ATV because he's always under foot. They think Petey might hear the engine and confuse it with a partridge drumming its wings. Petey chases right along and seems to go right at the tires.

Signs warn shooters that they're in Peteyville.

He has been greeting shooters in Scarborough for almost two years. Now he's looking forward to all the competitors coming to the big state champonship. That means lots of action and lots of birdseed.








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