1 and 1/2 more nice days left

12:54 PM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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On Tuesday I went down to the beach with my mini doxie Reeses since it was warm enough and the days in which dogs are allowed on the beach are quickly becoming numbered. I showed up in jeans and a t-shirt and that was totally appropriate...maybe even a little chilly. As I round the sand dunes and approach the beach, what do I see? Shirtless men and girls in bikinis...legit beach goers jumping in the water despite the fact its 65 F at best and the water is 45 F. Mainers, you guys are crazy. I like you, but you're crazy.

Beach weather or not (I say not), the stretch we've had since last Saturday has been absolutely fantastic. The rest of today and most of Friday will pleasant as well before the wheels fall off the ole wagon for the weekend.

Look for mostly sunny skies through this afternoon as high pressure is firmly in place. Our air mass is mild, but nothing crazy, so most locations will stay in the 50s with 60s being confined to southwestern Maine and New Hampshire.

Tonight will be partly cloudy and quiet with no notable changes. Temperatures will drop into the low to mid 40s in most spots.

Friday will feature a more even mixture of sun and clouds when compared to today as a warm front tries to nudge through. That front could spark a few showers in the mountains and northern Maine by the afternoon, but the vast majority of the state will remain dry. Also, because of the presence of the warm front, look for temperatures to climb more into the mid 60s and even some low 70s.

Saturday is a tough forecast because a cold front will APPROACH but it won't reach the state until Saturday night. At first glance that means increasing clouds with the precipitation through the evening. HOWEVER, this front looks a little dirty on the front edges (sounds like something you'd add to your drink order to make it sound James Bond-ish. "Martini, on the rocks, dirty on the front edges") meaning I think showers will break out well in advance of the actual boundary. This being the case, I'm going to introduce the chance of showers from mid morning Saturday straight through the evening. The truth is, however, that the heaviest rain and thunderstorm activity will hold off until after dark and there will be glimpses of sun through Saturday afternoon.

Some spots could pick up a quick inch or more of rain through Saturday night before the cold front moves offshore in time for Sunday morning. 

With the front over the ocean look for mostly cloudy conditions along the coastline but a decent amount of sunshine across the interior and mountains. Most of the state should remain dry though because the precipitation associated with the front will be far enough east.

Things get interesting on Sunday night as a larger low pressure system tries to ride up along the stalled out cold front I just mentioned. All the computer models are on board with a big low bombing out over the Atlantic and then retrograding (moving westward) towards us, however they differ on how far into the state the precipitation makes it. I'm going to rest of my trusty Euro model for now which means we will see some SOAKING rain and high winds on Monday with some mountain snow. (Yup, cold enough air should be in place to provide some accumulating snowfall). 

I'll watch this storm for you as we get closer but it has the potential to drop 2-3" of rain on us easily. We need the rain, yes...but probably not all at once like that.

Ok, I'm out for now, enjoy the sunshine. (Speaking of which...I've become a complete embarrassment to my Mediterranean lineage. I never used to burn and this Tuesday, despite my Italian and Portuguese blood, I got toasted like the cast of True Blood on a trip to Cancun.)

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