Fit at Five: Powerlifting

4:27 PM, Sep 19, 2011   |    comments
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Fit at Five: Powerlifting
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  • Strength training is a great way to kick your body into shape for both men and women. On this Fit at Five we are cranking up the intensity in the gym with powerlifting. This workout is not for the weak, but it's benefits go beyond just being able to lift something heavy.

    Myth buster. Lifting heavy weights does not make you bulk up. Matthew Israelson, owner of Dyna Maxx in Westbrook, tells us that he has both men and woman working out at his gym. He says that the only way you are going to bulk up is if you eat more.

    A traditional gym workout is still fantastic, but Matthew tells us that many time you are not using full range of movement with those workouts. That was the case with Ronni Bossie. He had always worked out, but found himself dealing with back pain. Once he started powerlifting the pain went away. He has now been pain free for three years.

    We have provided a link to Dyna Maxx located in Westbrook. The next powerlifting competition will be the Pine Tree Open held on Nov. 12 held at the Westbrook Armory.




















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