What kind of pipe did Gen. Douglas MacArthur smoke?

6:35 AM, Apr 11, 2012   |    comments
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d. corn cob

For overstepping his orders, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command in the Korean War by Pres. Harry Truman on Apr. 11, 1951.

MacArthur returned to the U.S. to deliver his farewell address during which he delivered the famous quote, "Old soldiers never die;  they just fade away."

Far from fading away, his image as a wartime hero has become iconic, complete with his ever-present corn cob pipe.

MacArthur had his pipes custom-made by the Missouri Meerschaum company.  The company still exists, and in honor of its famous customer, it now sells its corn cob pipes under the name, the MacArthur.


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