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10:02 PM, Apr 14, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, Betty White joined Twitter, and Google + gets a redesign. We're taking a look back at the week in social media.

-Facebook buys Instragram:
Instagram has only been around since late 2010. It started as an iphone app and this week Facebook bought it for 1 Billion dollars. They also launched their android app last week.

Instagram is a app to edit and share photos. It basically will function as an app to snap photos, and then you can edit on filters to make them look like old timey images or other kinds of filters. In addition to that it has become it's own smaller social network. Think of Twitter but with just photos. You can find friends on Intsagram and share with them or you can link it to Facebook or Twitter. There is also an option to keep the photos you take private.

Well since photos are such a big element of Facebook, it made sense they make this connection. According to the WSJ, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to make the deal last summer.

Instagram is a strong app and it has better photo abilities that the Facebook app can't compete with. With it under the Facebook wing, we can probably expect the FB app to get a major overhaul and you'll see a dynamic change in how people post and share photos on Facebook. Where Facebook's mobile app suffers, the Instagram app excels. This will do a lot of good for Facebook on the mobile side.

Here is the link to Instagram's website. They will redirect you to their app depending on what kind of mobile device you have:

-Google + gets a makeover
On Wednesday Google +_ rolled out a fancy new look. They now have more similarities to Facebooks recent redesign with a cover photo. Google says the new look is to allow user to customize their experience. The biggest thing is allowing you to do more with photos on their network. The photos themselves will be much bigger now.

They are offering up a new explorer window (similar to Twitter's trending topics) you can now see what people are buzzing about on Google +. There is a new chat list on the right hand side of the feed. They have also redesigned how we can navigate around the news feed section. There is a panel of icons on the left that act like apps for navigating around Google +. This includes a Games section. You can find a game to play inside Google +. You can also navigate better to your pages if you moderate any.
Here is the link to Google +, check it out and see their new look. If you are on Google + or sign up, be sure to add WCSH6 and WLBZ2 to your circles:

- Facebook creates groups for schools
This one has been lost a bit under the Instagram news. If you have an active school email address you can joint a group from your college. This way you can see more easily what's going on on your campus. One of the big things with this is Facebook is going to allow file sharing for the groups. Meaning you could share lecture notes, class work.

-Text from Hillary: -- went crazy viral this week.

Secretary Clinton met with the two men who created Texts from Hilary this week. It's a funny website where the guys have created Memes of Hilary from photos as she travels. They're pretty funny and have gone viral after a lot of attention this week.

-Betty White Joined Twitter:
The 90-Year old joined Twitter this week and has once again taken the world by storm. Among her earliest tweets? She flirted with Ryan Seacrest.

You can follow Betty here:!/bettymwhite

-Google glasses:
Google announced two weeks ago their Google glasses project. It brings the internet to you via a special set of glasses. Now we feel these seem kind of odd and we're not sure how practical it is. Check it out for yourself and then when you're done see how The Daily Show poked some holes in it too, it's pretty funny:

Google Glass Project

The Daily Show looks at Google Glasses and Instagram


-Guy walks into a bear while texting:

This week a bear was found wandering through a California neighborhood. A man was walking out of his home and texting when he walked into the bear. Here is the video of the guy walking into a bear while texting:

-Draw Something:

 This app has become one of the most downloaded games/apps. It's been just booming in popularity. Just think of it as Pictionary. It's very popular and very easy to do. Your given an item to draw and your friend has to guess or you have to guess what something is based on the drawing you get. There is a free version or a paid version. Here is a link to the iTunes store link: DRAW SOMETHING

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